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Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow.

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I'm a southern woman who is probably too old to be on LJ. I love books, music, movies, politics, tv, food & drink, some sports, and more. I can be *very* obsessive about my interests. And I friend most anybody who friends me, as long as we have a few things in common.

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acc basketball, aimee mann, al green, alexis denisof, alias, angel the series, animals, arrested development, battlestar galactica, beatles, beck, beer, billie holiday, blenheim ginger ale, blossom dearie, bob dylan, books, bourbon, bubble baths, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, charleston, cheese, children's books, chocolate, classic hollywood, coffee, cole porter, college basketball, count basie, damien rice, daniel day-lewis, david bowie, david lynch, david sedaris, draco/hermione, duke ellington, eastern nc barbecue, eddie vedder, edward norton, ella fitzgerald, etta james, fairy tales, feminism, firefly, food, food network, frank sinatra, friday night lights, garbage, gilmore girls, gin and tonics, gore vidal, greta garbo, grey's anatomy, hands of wes, harry potter, harry/hermione, harry/ron/hermione, hermione granger, highly sensitive person, history, howard zinn, independent bookstores, jason dohring, jazz, jim/pam, john coltrane, john edwards, johnny depp, johnny mercer, joni mitchell, joss whedon, kate winslet, kissing, krispy kreme, lester young, liberalism, libraries, lilah, liz phair, logan echolls, logan/veronica, louis armstrong, manhattans, massages, michael vartan, miles davis, movies, msr, muddy waters, music, musicals, my so-called life, myrtle beach, new orleans, new york city, nickel creek, no olf, old movies, pauline kael, pearl jam, pizza, playing cards, politics, pugs, radiohead, rain, ralph fiennes, reading, restaurants, riding on trains, roadtrips, rye whiskey, salon.com, sarah vaughan, say anything, scully, sinatra, skylight inn, sleeping late, spirituality, stephen colbert, sufjan stevens, sunshine, supernatural, swimming, tar heel basketball, tarheels, the daily show, the ocean, the office uk, the office us, the onion, the sopranos, the who, thursday next, tin pan alley, tom tomorrow, traveling, twop, u2, used bookstores, van morrison, wes/faith, wesley, wesley/lilah, wine, writing, x-files